Kansas City Artists Coalition


The Kansas City Artists Coalition has significantly contributed to the thriving art community of Kansas City and the surrounding region. The spirit of the Artists Coalition is grassroots, entrepreneurial, and committed to the idea that artist’s work is valuable and should be supported.

Founded in the mid-seventies by artists who wanted self-determination, the Artists Coalition continues to be an artist-run organization. Artists make policy, plan exhibitions and programs, fundraise, and everything in-between. The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Kansas City Artists Coalition and its makeup includes artists.

Since 1975, the Kansas City Artists Coalition’s mission has been to invest in the artist’s vision and present thought-provoking exhibitions and activities. By becoming a member, you will help us continue to present the type of art programming that has brought you and thousands of others to the galleries. Today the Kansas City Artists Coalition presents an outstanding variety of visual arts events and programs, including exhibitions in the Mallin, Jacqueline B. Charno and Underground galleries, Kansas City International Residency; the Lighton International Artists Exchange Program  the Professional Development for Artists’ Workshop Series, the River Market Regional Exhibition and catalog, the Annual Benefit Art Auction, and services including kansascityartistscoalition.org.

The Artists Coalition helps artists achieve their goals. We have always worked to address the needs of artists and have also been mindful of objectives and programs that benefit the community. Our programs create opportunities to assist artists in their careers and to expand the audience for visual arts. We have gained the recognition of our community and are respected nationally for our high level of programming. Our reputation and audience is steadily increasing and we plan to continue that trend. The Artists Coalition has grown and so has our arts community. Over the years we have addressed the needs and desires of the artists. The Artists Coalition has been the voice for local artists and through our programs we have provided a sense of place and community for artists and art lovers.

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For further information or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at the following email: information@kansascityartistscoalition.org