Kansas City Artists Coalition

2014 Exhibitions

March 7 – 29, 2014

Georg_Christy_Tide-Seeker_EX_3_14-web-small Cawood_Gary_Shards_EX_3_14-web-small tiger-lilies-web-small Avocados-web-small

(Left to right)

CHRISTY GEORG combines drawing and sculpture in her newest exhibition Explore & Endure. In order to create her nautical body of sculpture, performance, and drawing, Georg exhaustively researched maritime history and culture to actualize a modern relationship to stories, lore, pirates and fishermen. Georg was forced to live the life of her subjects, living, and working on schooners and sailboats.

GARY CAWOOD stages still life photography in areas of disturbed land in his series Excavation. Cawood places naturally occurring objects within a landscape to observe how nature recovers from the scars rendered by humans. He is especially interested in how his compositions evolve through the forces of nature, sometimes within a matter of hours.

TERRI WHEELER begins with detailed sketches and drawings, she then transforms the drawings into simple lines and bold colors.

ROBERT MATHEWS uses bold colors, thick paint, and a large format to invite the viewers to take a closer look at everyday objects.


April 11 – 25, 2014


Watson_Joey_ULTRA-Mugs_EX_4-14-web-small Smith_Rachel_Fish-Spoon_EX_4-14-web-small Reed_Sophia_Face-it_EX_4014-web-small Johnson_Rendale_Chair-with-Pot_EX_4-14-web-small

(Left to Right)


Juror Tommy Frank – Studio Manager of Red Star Studios


May 9 – June 20, 2014

Chin_Shin-Hee_Poom(With-the-Open-Arms)_EX_5_14-web-small Rosenthal_Benjamin_OhWhenTheSaints3_EX_5_14-web-small Fuhrman_Andrea_Gate_EX_5_14-web-small

(Left to Right)

SHIN-HEE CHIN — highlights how Choson Dynasty Korean women converted their nae-sil (inner room) from oppressive spaces into stimulating and dynamic resources for female creativity. Traditional Korean homes were clearly demarcated by gender and separated according to a strict Confucian code that required women to confine their daily activities inside their homes. Chin uses the gallery and fiber structures to communicate these traditions to her audience.

BENJAMIN ROSENTHAL — combines the gaming world with military, religion and art in his newest video installation. In his newest project, Rosenthal uses animated soldiers to perform actions that range from standard military to pseudo-religious. In the video’s, Rosenthal explores the authenticity of our physical experience in an age where the boundaries between reality and the virtual become indistinguishable.

ANDREA FUHRMAN — uses spontaneous gesture and color as she explores abstraction through photography, collage and painting. Fuhrman creates intimate works that explore her surrounding environments. Viewer’s are encouraged to study each work as though they are exploring experiments under a microscope.