Kansas City Artists Coalition


The Kansas City Artists Coalition’s exhibitions explore the diversity of expression that shape contemporary culture, art, and ideas. KCAC is a space for innovative and experimental art, which does not readily lend itself to commercial venues. KCAC also aggressively supports and embraces local and regional artists’ work.


Chin_Shin-Hee_Poom(With-the-Open-Arms)_EX_5_14-web  Chin_Shin-Hee_Seom(Standing-Woman)_EX_5_14-web

SHIN-HEE CHIN The conventional “feminine” activity of needle works and media that have been traditionally associated with the feminine become the medium for making of art. Chin’s sculptural production shows that seemingly ‘menial female work can be a source of pleasure and power for women.


Rosenthal_Benjamin_OhWhenTheSaints3_EX_5_14-web  Rosenthal_Benjamin_OhWhenTheSaints4_EX_5_14-web

BENJAMIN ROSENTHAL “I am interested in a practice where ideas moves across materials and methodologies, as I seek new ways to address burning questions from different angles of approach. Moving between tangible space, visible time, and invisible space, I find myself questioning the authenticity of our physical experience in an age where the boundaries between reality and the virtual become indistinguishable.”


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ANDREA FUHRMAN’s work is driven by her curiosity of magnification, abstraction, and color.  As a child, she spent hours viewing her father’s collection of college biology slides.  These small minute worlds inhabited by organic forms are the primary experiences that drive her paintings, photographs, and collage.