akram akram
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: National College of Arts, Armenia (March - May 2010)
As an artist-in-Residence, Akram had planned on working with local artist in Pakistan. In addition, he was going to explore Pakistan and compare his first hand experience with the media's portrayal of this land. Upon arriving in Pakistan, the atmosphere was more hostile than expected. The Residency determined it was too dangerous for Akram to stay. Being a creative person, Akram connected with contacts in Armania, and traveled there to work for several months. While ithere he created a sculpture ithat was an embodiment of his outlook on contemporary Armenia. He chose to use the imagery of Sis and Masis, the two peaks of Mount Ararat, as a vehicle to convey his concept because every Armenian, geography and generation aside, can relate to it. http://www.asheerakram.com
Finished sculpture exhibited in Armenia.


From: Roxbury, Massachusetts
Traveled to: Moshi, Tanzania, in East Africa; collaboration with local artists at WHAT (Warm Heart Art Tanzania) (January - February 2008)
"The artist Seppo Hallavainio, originally from Finland, has established a papermaking and art studio in Tanzania for the purpose of education and international artistic exchange. He invited me there to work with local people, artists and plant experts to identify new plant fibers for papermaking and create new works using local materials and inspired by this place. I will exhibit the works in Tanzania, the USA and other international venues. I will also write articles about my experience for publication in art magazines and gather materials for a possible book about papermaking art in Tanzania. I will also teach workshops, give lectures, and share ideas and techniques to help the local people develop papermaking art as a means for substainable income." http://www.janeingramallen.com

barnard 3 barnard 1 barnard 2
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Derix Art Glasstudios; Taunusstein, Germany (April 2012)
Barnard attended the Derix Glasstudios in Taunusstein, Germany in the spring of 2011. During her stay there, Barnard worked along side and collaborate with other glass artists that are as dedicated to their work as she is. This residency gave her the opportunity to learn high quality, new and non-traditional glass methods not available in the United States. www.kathybarnardstudio.com


From: Lawrence, Kansas
Traveled to: Palestine (March 2007)
Architects Barriere, Waddell, and Bourne worked on the Aqabat Jaber Refugee Camp Architectural Design Project. Creating architectural improvements in the Aqabat Jaber Camp for United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), they worked on improving the amenities and housing for Palestinian refugees.

saul becker
becker becker_weed becker_log
From: Brooklyn, New York
Traveled to: The Arctic Circle Artist Residency Program; Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway (October 2010)
As an artist-in-residence, Becker interacted with other interantional participants. A body of paintings, drawings and large-scale watercolors were the result of his unique experience on a large sailing vessel traveling the Arctic. http://www.saulbecker.com


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Can Serrat Artists Center; El Bruc, Spain (June - July 2007)
As an Artist-in-Residence, Berman continued working on Re:Collection, a body of work that documents her various collections of things."I have had the opportunity to live in 10 states and 26 dwellings in 32 years. My collections of things have grown- both in size and relevancy to me- during these years of continuous relocation and moving. No matter where I am living, I always feel at home if some portions of my collections are with me.""Though my collections are not thorough by any means, they do completely define my existence. My collections document where I have been. Re:Collection has begun with my rock collection, of which I have about one-hundred pretty normal specimens, collected continuously throughout my life from the time I was six years old. Mostly river rocks and beach debris, this collection also contains a fragment of precious metal (melted by my best friend in high school when she forgot she had put a pot of water on the stove to boil) and antique glass (a transparent jade-green, smoothed by a clear stream in the middle of Vermont). I am painting portraits of each rock and rock-like object in my collection, grouping them together into compositions and printing multiples of each specimen." http://www.laurabermanprojects.com

From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió, Kecskemét, Hungary (June 2003)

Virginia Bradley

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Traveled to: ACME international residencies Programme and the London Zoological Society; London, England (July 17 - November 29, 2013)
Upon arriving at the London Zoological Society, Bradley will be the first artist in residence with their program, have access to the archives, and work with scientists and researchers collaboratively. Then, at ACME , Bradley will paricipate with a number of other international artists in organized events that facilitate interaction with local artists, creating collaboration and future exhibition opportunitites. www.virginiabradley.com

From: Tisbury, Massachusetts
Traveled to: Apothiki Foundation Center; Paros Cyclades, Greece (August 2010)
By immersing herself in a new and unfamiliar setting and culture, Brown continued her work with dyed and painted surfaces on paper. On the island, Brown also had an opportunity to meet and collaborate with many other artists from across the world. During her time on Paros, Brown had the chance to prepare a body of work that was relevant and that resonated with the world that she was in. This culminated in a solo exhibition at the Apothiki Gallery the last week of her residency. http://www.laurenekrasnybrown.com

carpenter 1 carpenter 2 carpenter 3
From: Hornell, New York
Traveling to: Norway and Denmark (March-June 2013)
Carpenter will be traveling to Norway first to further foster and nuture her collaboration with Terese Longva,who is a native of Norway. The two artists have been working together since 2010 on various projects solely in the United States. This time they will be collaborating in Norway and creating a piece for Longva's home gallery S-12 Gallery. Carpenter will spend three months creating, nurturing and collaborating in Norway, and then will travel to Denmark to begin an entirely new collaborative relationship. Carpenter will spend three weeks in Denmark to begin the early stages of a face to face artistic relationship with Simon Hogsberg. laureljay.com


From: Lubbock, Texas
Traveled to: The Hilmsen1 Residency; Hilmsen, Germany (June 2009)
Chizinski explored social constructs and class issues in his sculptural work. During his stay, Chizinski continued to explore ceramic and metal casting. The town of Hilmsen was located just inside te boarder of East Germany during Russian occupation, this in turn allowed Chizinski a chance to engage in an area of Germany that has encountered identity changes over the past few decades. Thus, Chizinski was able to study the former clash of social classes and Western and Eastern European values. While in Germany he interacted with the local community and drew on his observations to complete a series of collaborative and individual works in aluminum and porcelain. At the end of the residency stay, Chizinski had the opportunity to participate in an exhibition at the Hilmsen1 Gallery. http://www.chizinski.com

chowdry chowdry 2
From: Madison, Wisconsin
Traveled to: Sanskriti Foundation, New Dehli, India (December 2010 - January 2011)
Born and raised in India, Chowdry was not a practising artist while residing there. Chowdry officially emigrated from India to the United States in 1999, where she received her MFA at the University of Wisconsin. After receiving her degree, she felt an overwhelming need to return to India and experience anew as an artist. She arrived at the Sanskriti Foundation in December of 2010 and began to work across a multitude of different media from fiber to wood. During her time there, she had the opportunity to connect her artistic practice with the diverse and eclectic material culture of India as a researcher and as an artist. http://www.pritikachowdhry.com/


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Fundacio Tallers Josep Llorens Artiga;, Galifa, Spain (June 2007)
Clarke, a ceramics artist, returned his focus to a body of work concerned with drawing and painting on earthenware clay, which he had begun to work on eight years prior. During his time at Fundacio, Clarke had the opportunity to work in a communal environment, in which he was able to participate in collaborative kiln firings with his fellow residents. It became clear to Clarke during his residency that good changes occured in the studio when accompanied by the shock of new surroundings and new ideas. http://bedeclarkestudio.com


From: Aloha, Oregon
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió; Kecskemét, Hungary (August 2006)
During a one-month Residency at Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió, Cole's focused on mold making processes. She also took some time to look at the technical and aesthetic methods for introducing new elements into her work. Cole created created cast pieces in clay and glass, which she then incorporated into her more current ceramic pieces. While at ICS Cole collaborated with Donna Rozman on a program to give artists new tools and strategies for expanding their personal creative self expression. http://www.donnacolestudio.com

cecelia condit

From: Shorewood, Wisconsin
Traveled to: Burren College of Art; Newtown Castel, Ballyvaughan, County Claire, Ireland (June - July 2010)
As an instructor in video and film production, Condit has extensive experience in video storytelling and used her abilities to create a three channel video installation that explores the limestone landscape of the Burrens in North Central Ireland. During her time in Ireland, Condit further explored these stone age structures that were built by the primitive people that were living there ages ago. http://www.ceceliacondit.com


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió, Kecskemét, Hungary (September 2004)
“The Lighton International Artists Exchange Program allowed me the time and freedom to experiment and grow as an artist. It also allowed me to be a student of ceramics again, and gain a new level of respect for this versatile material.”
“I learned much about myself as an artist and others through my contact with ceramic artists from all over the world. We shared ideas and working methods; which were informed by our country‘s origin, in a way that had never been so clear to me before.”

susan dessel
dessel dessel dessel
From: New York, New York
Traveled to: ACSL Art Commune, Yeravan, Armenia (May - June, 2010)
Dessel produced work based on a visual interpretation of material from the Medieval Jewish cemetery in Eghegis, a site excavated in 2001-02. The 'Art Commune' in which she stayed is the first institutional international Artist-in-Residence program in post-Soviet Armenia.She explored the experience of being an "other" in a remote land to expand her artistic vocabulary. Dessel set up a blog for the purpose of documenting her experience: http://scdabroad.blogspot.com/ and for more information on Susan Dessel as an artist please visit her website at: http://desselstudio.net/


From: Pécs, Hungary
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió, Kecskemét, Hungary (June 2003)


From: Baltimore, Maryland
Traveled to: European Ceramic Work Centre Individual Artist Residency, s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands (May - August 2009)
East worked on ceramic and mixed-media sculptures, learn new technologies, and developed international contacts. He explored in more depth his interest combining the language of science with the landscape of our mundane domestic environment, and researched new technologies in combination with ceramic. East is the Chair of Ceramics at Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland. He was formerly Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia. http://www.dsetwisty.com


From: Springfield, Missouri
Traveled to: Fundacio Tallers J. Artigas; Gallifa, Spain & Gendo Keramik Studios; Nordjyllands, Denmark(June 2007)
Professor of Art and Design at Missouri State University. Ceramicist Keith Ekstam's work builds sculptural froms utilizing painted slips and englobe surfaces. While at the residency in Spain, Ekstam had the opportunity to work with the owner and director or the Fundacio. During this time, Ekstam explored the geological forms that surrounded him at Fundacio, which in turn had a profound effect on the works that he created there after. Upon arriving in Denmark, Ekstam was able to work very intensively with several other artists from across the world. The new relationships led to exhibitions and connections in Sweden and through out the greater European continent. art.missouristate.edu/f_ekstam.php


From: Holland, Michigan
Traveled to: Ajijic Art Institute; Ajijic, Queretaro and Huichol Village, Mexico (November - December 2004)
“The Lighton grant motivated me to advance my commitment of learning from other cultures and to obtain a better understanding of my role as an artist in a global context. But more importantly, I was able to immerse myself in another culture and a Mexican artist’s life.”
“As I look back on my most memorable learning and life experiences, international exchange and travel have been some of the most positive and prolific in shaping my artistic vision and outlook on life.” www.eldean.com/art/

From: Budapest, Hungary
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió, Kecskemét, Hungary (June 2003)

esser 3 esser esser 2
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió, Kecskemét, Hungary (June 2003)
In summer 2003 I was fortunate to participate in a residency at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét, Hungary thanks to a grant from LIAEP. Upon my return to Kansas City I began to plan a summer study abroad trip for KCAI students to the ICSHU – I had a wonderful time there and felt it would be a perfect place for students to study ceramics and experience living and traveling in Central Europe.
Dreaming in Magyar: KCAI Study Abroad to Hungary was developed. In June 2005 KCAI twelve students, my colleagues George Timock and Phyllis Moore, and I arrived in Hungary for a four-week stay. Two courses were offered to students, - a ceramics studio course and a travel-writing course. The staff at the ICSHU was incredibly welcoming and hospitable to us throughout our time there. Students had the opportunity to work with a special porcelain material available at the studio, which is very white and translucent. Several Hungarian artists came to the studio to demonstrate their working methods for us and we learned many new techniques, especially regarding slip casting, china painting, and photo transfer. The students also benefited from the artists who were in residence at ICSHU during our time there. We became acquainted with the town of Kecskemét and traveled to Budapest, Pecs, and Herend to experience the cultures, architecture, museums, and particularly the tradition of historic and contemporary ceramics. KCAI is planning the second study abroad trip to ICSHU for summer 2006. We have also instituted an exchange program with the University of West Hungary in Sopron. The International Ceramics Studio is a satellite campus of this university, so KCAI exchange students have the opportunity to work at the ICSHU for an entire semester under this program. This spring semester 2006, KCAI ceramics student Jo Kamm is at ICSHU, the first student to participate in the exchange program. We hope to have some Hungarian students coming to KCAI in the near future. caryesser.com/

Shay Estes Broockerd (Fado Novato)
From: Kansas City, MO
Traveled to: SOU Santo Music Fesival; Lisbon, Portugal. (June 2013)
Shay Estes Broockerd, with music group Fado Novato, will travel to the SOU Santo Music Festival to perform and collaborate with other Fado musicians. The Fado music tradition, like a lot of folk music, is poorly written and recorded, and is instead passed down singer to singer, player to player. There are hundereds of styles, and to authentically learn the style, Fado Novato wishes to immerse themselves in the culture. At the SOU Music Fesitval, Lisbon floods with Fado musicians, from the ameteure to professional, and Fado Novato will collaborate and interact with this festival to more deeply understand their musical style. www.fadonovato.com


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Lesotho, South Africa (November - December 2008)
Evans researched a book project that shed light on HIV and how a community is affected by the disease. He worked with local organizers and directly with children in the community creating artwork, which gave the youth in this community a platform to express their ideas, emotions and thoughts. In 2012, Evans played an intrigal role in helping to bring Nico Phooko from South Africa to the newly opened KCAC residency. The two artists had met during Evans travels to Lesotho and had stayed in touch over the four years prior to Phooko's residency at KCAC which was funded by LIAEP. http://www.shaneevans.com

fletcher 3 fletcher 1 fletcher 2
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Wroclaw, Poland (September-October 2012)
Local artist and Kansas City Art Institute graduate, Fletcher, will be traveling to Poland to participate in the ICS - 36th Annual International Ceramics Symposium of 2012. During his time in Poland, Fletcher will split his time between working with the factory's head model maker and developing his own methods of experimental mold making. The symposium also allows Fletcher to have a great deal of interaction with other international artists. www.ryanfletcherdesign.com

foulem 3 foulem foulem 2
From: Montréal, Québec Canada
Traveled to: France and Spain for Independent Research (December 2004 - January 2005)
Foulem traveled throughout France and Spain in order to conduct on site research of archives, documents and artifacts that related to the ceramic works of Pablo Picasso. During his time in both countries, Foulem had the opportunity to advance the knowledge of the ceramics of Pablo Picasso by lecturing and writing on various themes related to ceramics and Picasso's art in particular. Foulem's work was also highly influenced during his stay, since his work is based on appropriations of historical ceramic prototypes and genres.

georg 1 georg 2 georg 3
From: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Traveling to: The Arctic Circle Artist Residency Program; Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway (September - October 2012)
Georg will be boarding a ship in Longyearbyen, Norway with 15 other artists and scientists. They will then travel for three weeks through the Arctic Circle in an intensely communal environment. During her travels, Georg will be gathering images, sounds, data, memories, experiences and inspirations that she will then bring home with her to further her works here. Georg's primar focus in her work is to create instruments and devices that attempt to slow down time and hush noise in order to focus on existing in the present moment. www.christygeorg.com

tanya hartman
Hartman Hartman2 Hartman3
From: Lee's Summit, Missouri
Traveling to: Cross Cultural Collaborative; Nunga, Ghana (July 2010)
The Cross Cultural Collaborative is located within in an artist's colony and attracts many visual artists and crafts people from nearby areas, which then led to cross collaboration and an opening up to new though processes and techniques. During her stay there, Hartman focused on exploring the Asafo flag construction and Fantasy Coffin making, as well as interacted with villagers through workshops. http://www.tanyahartmanart.com


From: Manhattan, Kansas
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió, Kecskemét, Hungary (November 2004)
“The residency at ICS enhanced my personal vision in a major way. I expanded my “vocabulary” by working with molds, slip casting, porcelain and high fire. My new work is a continuation of the concepts I have been working with for some time, but the look is quite different, a more “European” aesthetic has emerged.”
“The best part of the residency was working with other artists, especially Ilona Romule. This exchange made my experience truly beneficial.”
“I cooked as close to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner as I could without yams and cranberries. It was my way to thank the staff and other artists for a wonderful experience. It was all a new experience for them. After toasts of homemade palinka about 20 of us ate a feast that we in the US take for granted. I think we were all thankful that day - for being in such a special place.” www.annaholcombe.com/

honig 1 honig 3honig 2
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveling to: Proyecto 'ace' Residency; Buenos Aires, Argentina (September - October 2012)
Honig will be traveling to Buenos Aires, to attend the Proyecto 'Ace Residency. She met the director and creator of ACE, Alicia Candiani, at KCAC last fall when Candiani was participating in the International Artist Residency program at KCAC. While at the ACE residency, Honig will be working with the master printers there to aid her in the completion of a series of four large figurative pieces eroticizing women with early childhood diseases. peregrinehonig.com


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Milkwood International Artist Residence, Cseky Krumlov, Czech Republic (June - July 2006)
During a a one-month residency at Milkwood International Artist Residence, Hudspeth will immerse herself in the local community of Cseky Krumlov, painting at various locals and engaging with local artists. This residency allowed Hudspeth the opportunity to advance her own work in oil painting as well as to be able to frequently interact with the local artists in order to open up new artistic collaborations and techniques. http://juliesstudio.com

Joyce Jablonski

From: Knob Noster, MO
Traveled to: Lithophane Workshop with Ilona Romule in Zavartava, Latvia; Tibilisi State Academy and the Clay Office Studio in Tibilisi, Georgia; The International Ceramics Studio, Keshkemet, Hungary. (July - September 2013)
Javlonski is the head of the Ceramics Program at the University of Central Missouri, and will travel to Latvia, Georgia, and Hungary to research new ceramic techniques. The collaborative environments offered at these residencies will allow Jablonski to meet new artists and techniques. She has been working on an assembled piece for two years that she hopes this trip will help finalize. www.joycejablonski.com

jackson jackson jackson
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Traveled to: Center for Ceramics-Berlin; Berlin, Germany (September - November, 2010)
Jackson used the time and resources of the Ceramic Center to build on her current body of work which looks for beauty in the grotesque. This extended residency allowed Jackson time to reflect, research and create a new body of work. The program itself allowed Jackson the space to develop her work in a new context with international peers, where the exchange of ideas and techniques and artist collaboration were encouraged. http://www.roxannejackson.com


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Skaelskor, Denmark (January - February 2008)
Kamm worked with 10 - 15 other artists in the community, study Scandinavian culture, and produced a body of work consistent with Scandinavian values of community, moderation and efficiency. During his stay, he was able to learn and observe new techniques for producing models and molds, which in turn helped him to drastically improve and simplify his studio practice and begin working in a new body of work here in the states. http://jokamm.com/

kent 2 kent 3
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Traveled to: Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Skaelskor, Denmark (January - February 2011)
Kent's residency allowed him to gain a better understanding of art making practices by working closely beside international artists while being immersed in Danish culture. The time at Guldagergaard, also permitted Kent the opportunity for six weeks of uninterrupted studio time and fellowship with participating artists. http://stephenmkent.com/home.html

From: Prairie Village, Kansas
Traveled to: Venice Biennale; Venice, Italy (November 2011)
Kirsch is a contemporary art curator, writer and eductor from Kansas. She attended the Venice Biennale in the fall of 2011, where she participated in various workshops and classes with other educators, curators and writers from around the world. During the Biennale, there were 89 national pavilions. During her stay there, Kirsch took the opportunity to visit and interact with as many participants as she could.

From: San Francisco, California
Traveled to: Den Bosch; Holland (January - February & June - August 2007)
With the Lighton Grant, Koffel was able to travel to Holland twice to participate in one four week residency and then another nine week residency. This opportunity gave Koffel the chance to experiment with the intersection of art, design and craft applied to ceramic materials and modern architecture. Check out Carol Koffel's blog on her experiences in Holland, www.ekwclighton.blogspot.com or see her website at: http://newleafceramics.com/


From: Lawrence, Kansas
Traveled to: Frans Maseree Graphic Arts Centre; Kasterlee, Belgium (June 2007)
Kruger's time spent at the Graphic Arts Centre in Belgium was of great benefit to his work in many ways. Most importantly, Kruger was particular influenced by the direct exposure to other artists working methods, collaborations exchanges and impromptu dialogues within this international artist group. The works he created during his time at the residency have traveled to multiple venues and have so far been exhibited in group, two-person and solo exhibitions. Check out Michael Kruger's blog on his experiences in Belgium, elixirpress.blogspot.com and for more information on Michael Kruger please click on the following link: http://www.michaelkrueger.us


From: Lake Lotawana, Missouri
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió, Kecskemét, Hungary (June - July 2005)
Jim Leedy's residency in Hungary afforded him the opportunity to continue his work on ceramic sculptures, persue the exchange of ideas and techniques with artists from Hungary and other international artists in residence, and to learn about the culture and history of Hungary and its residents. www.leedy-voulkos.com/jl/


From: Ithaca, New York
Traveled to: Research, Apprenticeship with J. Gurappa Chetty, Sri Kalahasti, and Residency at the Tasara Center for Creative Weaving, Calcutta, India (September - December 2004)
Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost went to India to research Mata Ni Pachedi-Cloth of the Mother Goddess, a hand painted cotton textile. She presents her research in her film "Unconscious Eloquence", a 27 minute documentary that introduces a textile tradition of the Gujarati culture of Northwestern India and the Chitara Community's process and long standing history of tradition has never before been seen in America. Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost also created the ABCD Education Project, a community outreach program and fundraiser for the children of the Chitara family. The ABCD Education Project raised funds for 11 children to attend school for at the most 7 years of education for each child. The fundraising efforts of the ABCD Education Project also created funding for the ABC School. The ABC School is a free one year long English class for the under and uneducated members of the Chitara community. There are 33 people enrolled in the class from age 4 to 60--women, children and men.
“Going to India created a phenomenological transformation of my artwork and me. It enhanced my knowledge of technical processes, cultural motifs, and exposed me to the most exceptional textiles in the world. It has advanced my creative endeavors and has opened an enormous river of ideas of creation.” www.isadoraleidenfrost.com/

lifanova lifanova 2
From: Amagansett, New York
Traveled to: Independent research in Moscow & Saint Petersburg, Russia (September 2011 - August 2012)
Liliya Lifanova researched national identity and created an installation and performance. While on an expedition to the Kaluga province with American Friends of Russian Folklore she studied the folkloric Cossack culture. Kaluga is one of the few areas where Cossack traditions are still enacted and preserved. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, Lifanova put together an installation to serve as a platform for collaboration with the Saint Petersburg performance team, Teatrika. As an American who is first generation immigrant from the former USSR Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Lifanova, began to question how her heritage impacts and informs her artistic identity. Lifanova found that the perceptions of others often focus on the distinctly “Russian” character of her work. These comments intrigued her and led her to ponder her former nation and consider what it is about Russia that resonates through her art currently. Lifanova spent most of her time at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow; where she was allowed to become immersed in a community of contemporary art. This opportunity allowed her to explore the cultural concerns that inform her work.


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió, Kecskemét, Hungary (June 2003)
Independent research in China (June 2004)
In 2003, Linda Lighton was invited to the prestigious International Ceramic Studio (ICS) in Kecskemét, Hungary. At her request and with LIAEP funds, artists Cary Esser and Lynn Smiser Bowers joined her for a 5-week residency, as did Hungarian artists, Elek Anita and Sándor Dobány. While there, Ms. Lighton and Artists Coalition Director, Janet Simpson, worked with the residency Director, János Probstner, to develop a three-year exchange program. As a result, residencies in Kecskemét were awarded to Anna Calluori Holcombe and Laura DeAngelis in 2004, James Leedy and Eric Nichols in 2005, and Donna Rozman and Donna Cole in 2006.

lindberg lindberg 2 lindberg 3
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Tegnerforbundet in Oslo and residency at the Kunsthuset I Lofoten in Svolvaer, Norway
(August - September 2011)
Anne Lindberg was invited to participate in a group show entitled Extended Drawing at the Tegnerforbundet in Oslo with eight international artists representing five different countries. She presented a lecture about her work at the Tegnerforbundet, an important venue for contemporary art in Northern Europe and the oldest in Norway. Lindberg also attended the Oslo National Academy for the Arts Residency. Lindberg’s heritage is Danish and Swedish, and she says, ‘I feel a profound kinship to the quality of water and light in the northern regions of the world, and see a likeness in my recent parallel and motion drawing series.’ With the funding from the LIAEP grant, Lindberg researched the practice of drawing as defined in Scandinavia and reflected on its relationship to work in the USA and other countries. Lindberg has begun to develop an exhibition of international drawing to be shown in Kansas City since her return to Kansas City.
August 30, 2011, Lindberg set up a blog documenting her trip. Interested persons can keep up-to-date with her activities by going to: http://annelindberg.blogspot.com or for more information on Lindberg as an artist you may visit her website at http://www.annelindberg.com


From: Lee's Summit, Missouri
Traveled to: Can Serrat Residency Program; El Bruc, Spain (June 2006)
During a one-month at the Can Serrat Residency Program, Megan Lynch created a series of collages focusing on the experiences of living in Spain. While at Can Serrat she utilized the printmaking studio and worked with other visiting artists. The residency is part of an extended stay in Spain which was dedicated to creating artwork and exploring the Spanish culture. http://www.megan-lynch.com


From: Riga, Latvia
Traveled to: Kansas City Artists Coalition;Kansas Cit, Missouri, (March 2002)
Peteris Martinsons, a Latvia artist, was the first LIAEP artist. He exhibited at the Kansas City Artists Coalition’s gallery in 2002 as a part of his three-week residency in Kansas City. His visit coincided with the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. The NCECA conference offered an excellent opportunity for KCAC to introduce the enthusiastic KC clay community to this exciting artist, as well as, the larger national audience that was in attendance. http://www.artcn.net/worldstudio/europe/PeterisMartinsons/indexen.htm


From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Traveled to: San Bao International Ceramics Institute; Jingdezhen, China (May - June 2005)
"This collaboration has been and still is most fruitful, enlightening and productive on both sides. I try to take advantage of as many aspects of ceramic production available in Jingdezhen and use the wide variety of skills and expertise found there. The results have exceed my expectation and the experience has enriched my practice greatly." paulmathieu.ca/


From: Kecskemet, Hungary
Traveled to: Kansas City, Missouri; Kentucky, Montana (February - March 2007)
Mattison traveled to the United States from Hungary to make ceramic pieces, lecture and teach the medium of ceramics. Will staying in Kansas City, Mattison created a body of ceramic pieces and taught workshops at Kansas State University, Kansas City Art Institute and Red Star Studios. Mattison also gave public lectures about his work and techniques at KCAC as well as other venues. http://www.stevemattison.com

From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: 20th International Hamburg Short Film Festival; Hamburg, Germany (June 2004)
“The most challenging aspect of my project was trying to take in and understand as much as I could of this far flung and varied festival, not miss an opportunity for camaraderie and fun, and at the same time find time to sleep.”
“For an artist, experiencing other cultures provides a perspective on our own. I think it is important for an artist not to be too immersed or overwhelmed by his own culture. There are certain assumptions and values that are embedded in any culture or civilization and the only way to see them is to get outside of them. I believe it is the artist's responsibility to be comprehensive and universal in his vision to the fullest extent he can. Also, it is the hidden assumptions of a culture that are the most powerful, both for good and bad. I don't know if a single exchange can accomplish the goal of giving an artist this perspective, but it sure can't hurt. I salute and commend Linda Lighton for her vision and values and for her determination to act on them. ”
“How important do I rate International exchange? Highly. I believe that travel and meeting other people creates a double vision: the ability to see two sides of an issue. I believe that having this double vision is important especially as an American. We are the unchallenged power in the world. We therefore have a responsibility to understand other's points of view and their circumstances. They can't vote here and yet our national and international policies affect them. This is as a citizen.”


From: Lenexa, Kansas
Traveled To: Bubec Sculpture Studio; Reporyje, Czech Republic (August - September 2007)
During his time at Bubec, Mayse was able to construct a large sculpture of a boat out of finger jointed pine and glue. His pieces came to symbolize travel or journey and was 16 feet x 9 feet x 10 feet and was titled "Rad". The piece is lit from within and permanently hangs from a ceiling in a pub banquet hall in a small village northeast of Prague. This trip for Mayse cultivated a creative experience that for him will be life changing.


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Independent Project in collaboration with artist, Nemyr Canals (Puerto Rico) on the work of French theorist, Jean Baudrillard (May 2004)
“My art practice is guided by the application of specific conceptual and theoretical foundations. Jean Baudrillard’s work has been very influential to these foundations. The opportunity to produce this film was an incredible challenge and a rare occasion for my work.”
“This experience did a number of things to advance my artistic sensibility and creative goals. It accelerated my studio and curatorial practice. In terms of artistic vision, the diversity of the experience and perspective that I was surrounded by allowed me to refine my own sensibilities and hone my creative interests. In terms of career goals, it forced me to expand these significantly and ask more of myself—this kind of experience inflates your ambition and notion of what is possible to achieve.” www.hessemcgraw.com


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveld to: Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, Italy (February - May 2006)
Meara conducted independent research as part of his internship at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. During his internship at the Guggenheim, Meara was in charge of preparing the galleries prior to openings, guarding the rooms, answering questions from the public, selling tickets and catalogues, and closing the museum at the end of the day. He was also required to assist the staff in general operating of the museum as well as aid during special events and act as a docent. In conjunction with his museum responsibilities, Meara was asked to prepare a lecture on a theme in modern art which he presented to an audience at the end of his internship. http://www.brendanmeara.com


From: Kansas City, MO
Traveled to: Go Down Arts Residency Program; Nairibi, Kenya (July 2009)
While in Kenya, Merrill worked in some of the third worlds most impoverished areas to photograph, draw and most importantly meet, dine and hand out with the residents and artists/craftspeople. Merrill, then traveled to Bulimia Buadalangi, a small rural village, where he helped to build two blockhouses with kitchens, showers and toilets to be used as residencies for artists and educators. He has since maintained contact with the people he met in Kenya, and is working to take other artists from Kansas City and the States to these rural areas to participate in the cultural and artistic exchange he was able to experience during his stay. http://www.hughmerrill.com


From: Kansas City, MO
Traveled to: El Institut International de la Marionnette; Charleville-Mezieres, France (August - September 2008)
Here Mesner learned one of the oldest forms of popular theater, the art of the Pulcinella, by Italian Master Bruno Leone. He was able to further develop his puppetry skills and since his return he has been able to teach this most ancient form to other individuals. During his stay at the residency, Mesner was able to work with students to develop a street performance that was held on the streets of France for the general audience. http://www.paulmesnerpuppets.org


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Cite Internationale des Arts Residency, Washington University Paris Studio; Paris, France (January - April 2008)
Miller used this experience to create an entirely new body of work that is able to reflect the complexities that exist within a completely different environment and culture. He was able to build on his own personal understandings of constructed reality found in his then current works. Upon his return to the states, Miller had a much more complex body of work, which was influenced by new perspectives born from a unique living, working and cultural environment. grantmillerart.com/


From: Boston, Massachusettes
Traveled to: International Ceramics Studio; Kecskemet, Hungary (April - June 2007)
While at ICS, Morten completed eighteen abstract sculptures, one of which was accepted into the collection at ICS. The pieces ranged in scale from six inches to several feet long. In addition to these pieces, she was able to create a number of models in stoneware and porcelain. She was also able to visit several museums and observe artifacts, which she then used as reference in the studio and for educational puroposes back in the States. During her time in the studio, Morten was able to learn from fellow students as well as impart her own knowledge to them. These contacts and friendships have remained in place since her departure. http://meredithmorten.com/


From: New York City, New York
Traveled to: Green Zone Hospital; Baghdad, Iraq (March - April 2007)
Mumford, traveld to Iraq to continue the documentation of the experiences of soldiers and the Iraqis during wartime. This trip counted as Mumfords fifth excursion to Iraq to further research the effects of war as they occuring. Mumford was able to gain access to the hospitals on the U.S. Army bases, so that he might be able to create drawings directly from the operating rooms as operations were taking place to save lives and stabalize soliders. Upon his return to the States, Mumford exhibited his completed works at KCAC from October - November, 2008. For a listing of his verbal and visual documentation of his experiences please visit: http://www.artnet.com/Magazine/features/baghdadjournal.asp


From: Kirkwood, Missouri
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió; Kecskemét, Hungary (June 2005)
"Missed my plane to Brussels! Arrived in Budapest with no luggage. Left for Kecskemét anyway. Got on a train not knowing where it was going. Finally arrived two days late. Jet lag was a bitch. Studio and facilities where beautiful. Lots of space. Still wearing the same clothes from the day I left St. Louis. One month to create and explore with no distractions. What a peaceful and energetic environment. Communication was difficult but fun. ICS staff where all extremely helpful and personable. Met some incredible artists from all over the world. Skill levels that surpass what I have seen in the U.S. One week later my luggage arrives. Two weeks later my clothes are disintegrated in a dryer fire! Wearing the same clothes everyday sucks! Pink porcelain is cool! Kecskemét is bigger than what I had anticipated. Hungarian women are unbelievable. A series of sculptural wall hangings were born. Only two lived, and I had to leave them behind. Hopefully someone will love them. Thank you Linda and the KCAC for this priceless experience of artistic growth." http://www.backwards-e.com


From: Kansas City, MO
Traveled to: Goddart Studios, Berlin, Germany (July - August 2009)
Peggy Noland traveled to Berlin. Germany, where she installed Peggy Noland Kansas City for a one month exhibition/installation/fashion event at Goddart Studios with additional support from Projekt Galerie (hosts of Berlin Fashion Week). Noland works around the globe, including Sao Paolo, Brazil and New Delhi, India. She taught at the Kansas City Art Institute and lectures at the Rhode Island School of Design. http://www.peggynoland.com

davis host
parker thurston
From: Columbus, Ohio
Traveled to: Saxon Porcelain Manufactory; Dresden, Germany (August 2008)
While the LIAEP normally funds individual artists, the Non Fiction Design Collective applied as a collective of four people. The Collective was invited by the Porcelain Society of the Saxon Porcelain Manufactory of Dresden in Germany to participate in celebrating the 300th year of the European discovery of porcelain. The Collection worked collaboratively in the factory to create works of art using the factory's historical molds. This process allowed the artists to look toward the future of ceramics by utilizing the rich tradition of our medium.


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Skopelos Foundation For the Arts; Skopelos, Greece (September 2006)
During a three week residency at Skopelos Foundation For the Arts, Paige created a body of monotype prints using the boats of the Skopelos harbor as subject. She also had the opportunity to collaborate artistically and technically with her fellow artists-in-residence.http://www.lynnmanos.com

phillips phillips phillipd
From Rochester, New York
Traveled to: Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV),Trondheim, Norway (January - February 2011)
Phillips studied at LKV with 10 other visiting residents and was required to create a body of work for an exhibition within two weeks time. Her research was focused on metalsmithing as a strategy for producing visual works. Phillips work is a reaction to our distancing relationships with nature in an ever-increasing technological world. Her focus rested upon the horse and its bridle during her time at LKV. The horse and the bridle express a relationship of a thing to its place, but with the absence the horse must be remembered or imagined. The bridle, thus became a metaphor for a controlled nature experience. For more images please click on the following link. www.cozettephillips.com

phooko 3 phooko 2 phooko
From: Springs, South Africa
Traveled to: Kansas City International Artists Residency Program at the Artists Coalition; Kansas City, MO (March - April 2011)
In 2006, Phooko was researching in the internet, and ran across KCAC's website. He first made contact with Executive Director, Janet Simpson, in 2006 and then discovered that in 2008 LIAEP would be sending local Kansas City artist, Shane Evans to Lesotho, South Africa. The two artists connected and a lasting friendship was forged. In 2012 Phooko became the recipient of a LIAEP Grant and soon arrived in Kansas City to continue his work with Shane Evans. Upon his arrival, Phooko quickly began working in the community to spreak his art and commitment to African values, music, ethis and traditional ways of life. During his time in the residency, Phooko participated in an open studio, a reception and exhibiton.


From: Bennington, Vermont
Traveled to: Ceramic Work Centre Individual Artist Residency; s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands (June - September 2009)
Potts was able to explore the technical possibilities of clay while at ekwc. He created a mixed-media time-based installation while at the residency. He was able to create molds of local vegetation while he researched slip casting with alternative materials. This technique would then allow for the slow degraded. When he returned to the United States he will use the molds to create another work here. Potts is an Instructor/Technician at Bennington College; Bennington, Vermont. jessepotts.net/


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Independent Research; Prypyat, Ukraine (October 2005)
As part of the project, paraSITE. Radatz traveled to the Ukraine for independent research and documentation of Prypyat outside Chernobyl. He was assisted with the research by 1+1 Studio, Kiev, a motion graphics and design studio for television and print; Milk Creative Services, Kiev, a member of a European coalition of small design studios who work together as a creative network; and by 4th Block, Kharkov, Ukraine a gallery (and also a triennial) dealing primarily in poster art concerning ecological issues, of which Chernobyl is a reoccurring theme.

Rivera1 Rivera2 Rivera3
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Proyecto 'ace'; Buenos Aires, Argentina (June 2011)

’ACE (International Contemporary Center for the Graphic Arts) program. In traveling to Argentina, Rivera was able to compare art practices in another Latin American country with a different hybrid cultural experience than his native home, Mexico. At PROYECTO’ACE, Rivera built relationships with various Argentinean artists to in turn bring them to Kansas City as well as inform them of the Kansas City Artists Coalition's residency program. Miguel Rivera, a native of Mexico, believes that printmaking has become a perfect form for artists to unite, share and interact about art. With the LIAEP grant, his residency in Buenos Aires was not only a personal research commitment to his own work, but also made the PROYECTO’ACE program visible to a larger art community in Argentina, and in the Kansas City area as well. In addition to his residency, Rivera formalized an exchange program with PROYECTO’ACE for Kansas City artists as well as students interested in Latin American art. Rivera believes that making art outside of ones studio or comfort zone is becoming a common practice among artists. He says, “Ideas flow in a different way and they are affected by the host culture, society and physical environment.” www.miguelriveraart.com


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Foundation B.a.d.; Rotterdam, The Neatherlands (June - December 2004)
Traveled to: Geo Air Residency Program in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia (March 2006)
Excerpt from C.A.R.L LOG: Tents are pitched in the Duke’s woods. Around the camp fire a little smoke on my sweater... the crackle of the logs. I continue to contemplate the structure of the Bosche Bollen. The sound grew strange.... a gravel road, the A3, circling a round- about several times. Nine Space Invaders were blindfolded and dropped on the out skirts of town last night. I was certain we were Northeast of town, left stranded in a shed near a small farm house. I peaked in the living room window, there a man sat on the couch squeezing mayonnaise on his sandwich. It made sense... follow the polder along the Domel... soon doubtful that we could make our way across the river until we discovered a small chain driven pontoon, two people cranked from each end drawing us closer to the spillway…
“During my visit to Rotterdam an affinity emerged; the foundation of my concerns as an artist resonated through conversations with local and international artists, a foundation that emphasizes process and interaction over static objects. It became evident that this community could have a profound influence on my perspective as a contemporary artist. This was a unique opportunity that will further define and challenge my ideas as an artist.”“Traveling is essential to artistic development, having the mobility to access larger networks, to participate in a larger debate and becoming active in a global practice. This residency has been key in the future and direction of my practice. It is essential dedicate uninterrupted time towards research and process.” During a a three-week residency in Tbilisi, Robertson will focus on producing art in public space and generating open discussions around current social, political and urban conditions in Tbilisi. The Project is Coordinated by two artist initiative, "Enough Room for Space" based in The Netherlands and the newly formed "Geo AIR" in Georgia. This is the first phase of research for Geo AIR to develop a model for the future of their international arts exchange program. http://vonrobertson.wordpress.com

From: Riga, Latvia
Traveled to: NCECA Conference; Louisville, Kentucky (April 2007)
romule 3 romule romule 2


From: Crested Butte, Colorado
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió; Kecskemét, Hungary (August - September2006)
During a one-month Residency at Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió, Rozman's focused on mold making processes. While, at ICS she also collaborated with fellow LIAEP recipient Donna Cole on a program to help individuals unlock their creative potential. While staying at the residency, Rozman also was able to gain further knowledge of the culture and artistic values and techniques of the country through deep emersion into the town and people. http://www.donnarozman.com


From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Traveled to: Burren College of Art; Newtown Castle, Ballyvaughan, County Clare, Ireland (June - July 2009)
Rymarcsuk continued her research into the life and work of Nikola Tesla and Max Ernst, as well as, scientific and cultural theories, folding these concepts into her photographic work. This two-month residency allowed Rymarcsuk to escape the demands of teaching and focus intensely on her research and work. She is Assistant Professor Photography at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. http://www.ootico.com


From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Traveled to: Sedalia and Kansas City, Missouri (November 2005)
Sardón traveled to Missouri to install "Books of Sand" and give slide lectures about his work. His work in paintings and installations involve analogical and digital technologies. To see more of Sardon's work visit his website, http://www.marianosardon.com.ar

From: Kansas City, MO
Traveled to: Takt Kunstprojektraum; East-Berlin, Germany (July - August 2008)
During Schonhoff's residency, he was able to create a suite of twelve drawings and staged two performances as well as return home with numerous found objects introduced into his studio practice. He had chosen to travel to the eastern side of Berlin in order to interact with the international artist community that has arisen in this historically defined area. He was able to visit many sites that related to the remnants of a perceived border which in turn allowed for great visual stimulation to be translated into his work both on site and back in his studio stateside.

scroggins scroggins 2 scroggins 3
From: Lexington, Kentucky
Traveling to: Jingdezhen, China (September-October 2012)
A former Kansas City Art Institute graduate, Scroggins will be traveling to China in order to work at the Sanbao Ceramics Institute. While at the Institute, Scroggins will garner as much information about the historical, technical and cultural aspects of Chinese ceramics and sculpture that is available to him. While in the area, he will also travel to other ceramic studios of great note in order to further his learning and research.

Jessica Segall
Segall1 Segall 2 Segall3
From: Brooklyn, New York
Traveled to: The Arctic Circle Artist Residency Program; Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway (September-October 2011)
New York resident and visual artist, Jessica Segall sailed in a historical tall ship along the Northwestern coast of the island of Spitzbergen in the Arctic Circle. Segall’s works are largely associated with sustainability and the awareness of genetic diversity. This was beneficial as they lay anchor at Longyearbyen, where she was in contact with various botanists who analyze local seeds for inclusion in the Global Seed Vault as well as the international seed DNA database. Jessica Segall was one of 16 international artists and 4 scientists from 12 different countries that participated in the Arctic Circle residency. Segall’s artwork incorporates on-water sculptures and performance that reflect on water as public space and collective potential. Jessica’s work also focuses around the issue of sustainability. Most of her recent artwork involves developing alternative methods of generating power for video and film work. The LIAEP grant allowed her hands-on experience for her projects and a chance to experiment with image-making and sustainable technologies in the arctic landscape. www.jessicasegall.com

silverston silverston
From: Israel
Traveled to: Red Star Studios; Kansas City, MO (October - Januray 2008)
In Kansas City Silverston was able to expand her horizons by mutual exchange with local artists and the community. She worked with local children and teenagers on a ceramics workshop and project through Red Star Studios in Kansas City, MO. http://shirasilverston.carbonmade.com


From: Portland, Oregon
Traveled to: The Fundacion Gruber Jez; Cholul, Yucatan, Mexico (September - November 2008)
Skudlarczyk took part in La Fundacion Gruber Jez Residency in Cholul. During her stay, she worked side-by-side local artists who were able to offer insight into local traditions and customs involving the arts. To read more and see images of Micki's work visit her blog, http://mickiskud.blogspot.com


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: PWS Experimental Sculpture Factory; Jingdezhen, China and The Pottery Workshop; Shangai, China (September - February 2006)
Small worked in The PWS Experimental Sculpture Factory in Jingdezhen, China and at the Pottery Workshop Artist in Residence Program in Shangai, China for six months.
"After working in Jingdezhen for a few months, I learned how to fit my efforts into the local division of labor. Here, a different person is in charge of each step. There is the mold-master, the kiln-master, the sculpture-master, the trimming-master, the glaze-master, etc etc. No single person can take credit for everything, yet the products are considered "art" by the culture. I get interesting results by delegating parts of my process to these masters. I have been accustomed to performing every aspect of my studio process because I felt that authorship was at stake. But the attitude is very different here, and now I am comfortable with it. It's an opportunity to rethink my cultural baggage."
"I was planning to come back to the USA during the month of April, 2006. However, I was offered a solo exhibition at a gallery in Shenzhen City (near Hong Kong) in August. The gallery offered me a studio and living space for three months to prepare for the show. I believe it is important to say "yes" as often as possible. That is why I am here in the first place, because of people saying "yes." It is a simple, powerful statement. So, I am moving to Shenzhen in about 8 weeks to begin working there. Until that time, I am living and working in Jingdezhen. See you in August/September 2006." jessesmall.com/

smith smith 2 smith 3
From: Manhattan, Kansas
Traveled to: Ballinglen Arts Foundation Rresidency; Ballinglen Centre, Ballycastle, County Mayo, Ireland (October - December 2011)
Smith photographed, sketched and produced three large paintings of the environs of Ballycastle, Ireland. His goal was to expand upon and use his understanding of James Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake", the history of Ireland, and the Irish landscape to create memorable pieces of artwork. http://www.nelsonsmithart.com/


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Independent Research; Italy, Slovenia & Germany (June 2005)
"During my travels, I met artists from around the country and thought a great deal about how contemporary art is helping to collapse divisions and misunderstandings between cultures, as the world shifts via rapid globalization and information exchange is made simple through technology.The places I experienced, the people I met, and the artwork that I saw will have a continuing impact on my own development as a curator and the curatorial work that I do. I am more and more interested in how artists from other cultures can help us learn more about the world we live in. And, I feel compelled to understand contemporary artists working with issues that we might not understand at first glance. This was my very first travel to Eastern Europe and I found remnants of communism/socialism balanced with a new optimism and fresh opportunities for artists in these places to enter into an international conversation and community. For example, how does an artist grapple with recent memories of war and conflict while contemplating democracy, artistic freedom, and international connectivity for the first time? "

Tom Snelgrove
From: Long Island City, NY
Traveled To: The Arctic Circle Expeditionary Residency Program (September 25 - October 13 2013)
Snelgrove's video project "High Arctic Link" explores how the arctic landscape affects early cultures, and how they relate to those across the globe. He wishes to expose how the Arctic, usually seen as an isolated region, makes a lasting impression on the planet. "The Arctic landscape I will capture on video will be the backdrop in which narratives about mythical creatures will play out. One example will be the depiction of the physically menacing similarities between the Mahaha, a legend of the Inuit Arctic people, and the Machukana, who has lived amongst South America's Ican people for thousands of years." www.tomsnelgrove.com

Mark SOUtHerland/beau bledsoe
Southerland southerland
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveld to: Independant research; Spain (October - December 2011)
Kansas City natives Mark Southerland and Beau Bledsoe traveled to Andalucia, Spain where they researched and performed Flamenco in the birthplace of the art form. Southerland and Bledsoe worked with local artists and performed concerts incorporating sculptural elements unique to their vision and practice of Flamenco. Mark Southerland and Beau Bledsoe immersed themselves into the music and culture of Spain and Flamenco music. Southerland's wearable horn sculptures were introduced to the progressive Flamenco culture in Andalucia, both for conversation and criticism. Upon return to Kansas City, the ensemble has remounted their performance incorporating the ideas they gather abroad. http://www.hornsculpture.com and http://www.beaubledsoe.com


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Independent Research; Bamako, Mali (June 2006)
Subler traveled to Bamako, Mali in West Africa in order to meet and interact with Malian contemporary artists and create a suite of drawings that explored cultural tourism and the psychological and physical space where Western tourists interact with Mailian Culture. In Bamako, Subler worked with the faculty and students at the Conservatory of Art. The Conservatory, under the direction of Malian artist Abdoulaye Konate, has worked to encourage artists working around the globe to visit the school and to work with its students and faculty. www.craigsubler.com/


From: Lutsk, Ukraine
Traveling to: USA
Collaborating duo Tetiana Shcheglova and Roman Protsyuk make up Synchro Dogs. Discouraged by the lack of the arts in the Ukraine, Synchro Dogs plans to come to New York, California, and more to network, collaborate, and experience the arts here. Through their photographs, the duo attempts to relate to nature, like animals, and look for an alternative enviornment from the city. www.synchrodogs.com


From: Tucson, Arizona
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió; Kecskemét, Hungary and Ceramic Research Center; Skælskør, Denmark (May - June 2006)
During a one-month Residency at Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió and a three-week Residency at Ceramic Research Center, Denmark, Tashima created a new series influenced by working and living in Hungary and Denmark. The residencies helped to expand the artist's perspective on the work of artists from Europe and Eastern Europe. http://www.angelfire.com/hi2/tashimawork/WhatsN.e.html

From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió; Kecskemet, Hungary (September - November 2008)
During his three month stay, Timock will created a body of large scale vessels employing Herend porcelain and investigating Eastern European architectural spaces and ornament. Timock made a calculated departure from his work of the past 40 years of creating ceramic vessels.

ehren tool
Tool Tool2 Tool3
From: Berkeley, California
Traveled to: Hanoi, Bat Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (December 2010)
Former military veteran turned artist, Tool continued his work on "cups" which are a collision/collusion between military and civilian cultures. His cups were shown in Vietnam and any proceeds from sales supported charities that work in Vietnam dealing with the lasting effects of our war.

vannerson 1 vannerson 3 vannerson2
From: Pace, Florida
Traveled to: Yerevan, Armenia (April - July 2012)
Vannerson will be traveling to Armenia to participate in the Art and Cultural Studies Laborartory (ACSL) which is an international forum for artists and the artistic Armenian community. While at the ACSL, Vannerson will begin to execute a new body of work, that he hopes to bring back to the states and exhibite at local galleries and museums. During his time in Armenia, he hopes to foster long lasting relationships with the instructors of ACSL as well as the local citizens. williamvannerson.com/home.html

velasco 1 velasco 2 velasco 3
From: Lawrence, Kansas
Traveled to: Proyecto 'ace'; Buenos Aires, Argentina (May 2012)
Velasco attended the Proyecto 'ace residency in Argentina. During her stay at the Argentinian residency, Velasco was able to install her work entitled "A Very Long Night". This piece is a combination of large-scale digital prints and animation. While at the residency, Velasco worked with the master printmaker and assistant printmakers to aid her in her works and the creation of them. www.mariavelascostudio.com/


From: Portland, Oregon
Traveled to: Zentrum Fur Keramik; Berlin, Germany and the National College of Art & Design; Dublin, Ireland (October - November 2006)
While working at the ceramics center in Berlin, Vogel was able to produce a new body of work that was exhibited at the end of his residency. Vogel also presented a lecture on his past work to an audience of fifty clay-based artists living in the Berlin area. After the opening of his exhibition, Vogel traveled to Dublin, Ireland to spend a week at the National College of Art & Design as a visiting Artist. In Dublin, Vogel worked with the ceramics students and lectured on his work and recent experience as a resident artist in Berlin.

From: Shaanxi Province; People's Republic of China (August 2007)
Traveled to: Linkoping University; Linkoping, Sweden
Wang traveled to Sweden to participate in the International Masters Program in Science, Technology and Society at Linkoping University in Sweden. During her studies at the University, Wang was able to completely immerse herself in the study of ceramics and the various techniques. While not an artist herself, Wang's focus was to become an aid/assitant to ceramic artists not only in their studios, but in museums and galleries as well.


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Vice Magazine; Tokyo, Japan (2007)
During her stay in Tokyo, Warren served as the photographer and videographer scout for a local Toyko magazine called Vice Magazine. While there, she was also able to contribute to a blog for Vice Tokyo as their US representative. In addition to her job at the magazine, during her free time, Warren was able to document her activities and encounters through photography which she then created a body of work around upon her return to the states. http://www.dontyoufeelbetter.com

susan white
white white2 white3
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to: Youkobo Artist Residency; Tokyo, Japan (August 2010)
White explored the concept of "sanctuary". Her stay was documented with video and photography of places that offer a kind of public respite, such as museums, certain architectural spaces, bridges, gardens and even construction sites. She was able to, through these sites, to "push" aside the outside world thus creating a place of growth and change. Upon her return to her studio and home, she began to create an ongoing "walldrawing" within her studio. http://www.susan-white.com


From: Lake Lotawana, Missouri
Traveled to: The Festival of Contemporary Art; Balchik, Bulgaria (May - June 2007)
Feeling a need to engage in international art events, Wickerson traveled to Bulgaria to participate in the 16th Annual Festival of Contemporary Art. During his time there, Wickerson reviewed a retrospective entitled "Process-Space" in Balchik. He also was able to participate in an exhibit that traveled to the most prestigious art galleries in Bulgaria and abroad. http://wickerson.blogspot.com


From: Moenchengladbach, Germany
Traveled to: Rocket Gallery; London, England and Paragraph Gallery; Kansas City, Missouri (September 2005)
Wolter traveled to Kansas City and installed a site-specific wall painting. The exhibition was co-curated by Hesse McGraw, Director of Paragraph Gallery, Kansas City and Jonathan Stephenson, Curator of Rocket Gallery, London. http://larswolter.com


From: Kansas City, Missouri
Traveled to : Rocket Gallery; London, England and Paragraph Gallery; Kansas City, Missouri (September 2005)
James Woodfill traveled to London to install a site-specific work. Woodfill "found" his materials in London. "I pick the objects for their particular sense of neutrality, and look for ways to misuse and re-assess them." The constructed artwork offers “a fresh look at what exists around us. I am used to working and searching for materials in Kansas City and the shift in scale and diversity was quite a challenge. The ease to which I am used to was not there…But this process pointed out to me the need to more fully utilize the ease with which an artist can work in Kansas City. It seems to me that this ease allows for a more contemplative working process, and this might be a defining aspect of work in the Midwest." "I become aware of a great skepticism about United States policies from a personal point of view, and I was able to discuss my perceptions of the United Kingdom and Europe developed through the media. My understanding of the subtleties involved in philosophies was greatly enhanced." http://www.jameswoodfill.com


From: Lawrence, Kansas
Traveled to: Guldagergaard International Research Center; Skaelskor, Denmark (July - August 2006)
During her residency, Yates was able to interact with up to sixteen international artists also participating in the residency in Denmark. With her living quarters on the premises, Yates was able to spend her entire days and nights with other international ceramic artists. During studio times, she was able to create and exchange between herself and the other artists in regards to ceramic techniques and methods that she was then able to implement in her own studio back in Lawrence, Kansas.

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